Flannel Pajamas

I love flannel pajamas.

They are comfy.

They are cozy.

They keep we warm and comfortable at night in the winter.

My friend Jane had given me a couple of her old pairs of flannel pajamas a few years ago, and they were so great to wear to bed.

But this fall when I got them out to put on, buttons had popped off, and they just weren't as functional as they had been.

So, when Christmas came around and I was asked to give some ideas, flannel pajamas was on the list.

And here is the pair I received.

I love the black with white polka dots on them.  They also have a little red on them, too.

They are so comfortable and cozy and warm.....everything pajamas should be when you go to bed at night.

Flannel pajamas.

It is just one of those little things in life that bring me comfort and joy!!

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Nita Jo said...

Love flannel PJ's! I didn't get my old ones replaced, and I've really missed them. Maybe I'll still find some on sale somewhere! :)