I love preserving food.

It is almost like an art form.

I love the sound of the "ping" when the lid has sealed.

I love looking through my canning books for new recipes.

Yesterday I canned some pears.

They are "Spirited Pears".  They are "spirited" because each jar has a dash of rum in them.

I can't wait to try a jar.

Here is how they looked lined up in the pantry.

Since canning these pears, I now have got the canning bug.

My freezers are full of frozen fruit and berries and hot peppers from last summer that are just waiting to be made into hot pepper jams of various kinds.

Tomorrow my plan  is to take an inventory of all the frozen fruit I have, and what kind of jars I have, and make a plan to make some different kinds of jams and other canned goodies.

Canned goods are always a nice thing to have on hand to give away as a gift. 

It also makes me feel like I have accomplished something good.  Something with purpose......like my word for the year....purposeful. 

Canning is very purposeful.

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Cedar Street Kid said...

So many of these things have become a lost art. I remember my mother was always canning. It is nice to see that some things are passed on form generation to generation.