Winter Walk--The Sunshine Inn R Opening

I hope after the whole Stein's announcement threw my siblings for a loop, this announcement will make up for it. Because, as you can see on the sign, The Sunshine Inn Bar and Cafe "R Opening".
Each morning we walk by, we see a flurry of activity of a crew of workers cleaning and getting the place set to open up. I don't think this establishment has been opened since we moved back here in 2000. The Sunshine Inn also has a motel attached, and I'm not sure if it is opening as well, or not.
So, siblings, maybe on your next visit home, we can go down and have a meal at the Sunshine Inn and Cafe.


Inland Empire Girl said...

I can only hope they will have the signature Blue Cheese dressing, the special baked potato butter, and those little plastic cows stuck into your steak that told you how it was cooked. Do you remember those?
Great news!

raymond pert said...


I'll have to see if the Spokesman Review needs a paper boy so I can get Mom to take me on my route in the car on Sunday because the papers are so heavy and then go to the Sunshine Inn afterward for some French Toast sprinkled with powdered sugar.


Two words: FISH FEED!!!!