Take A Picture Tuesday--The Miser

This past weekend, my sister Inland Empire Girl took pictures of the production our family has been involved in at the Sixth Street Theater. You can find more pictures and her review of the play here.
"The Miser" has consumed much of our time this past couple months.
We had a great opening weekend. What a priviledge it has been to be a part of this production with such a wonderful cast.

I am so proud of my husband for the wonderful job he did in directing this production, and playing the title role of Harpagon.

Here is PKR in the title role of Harpagon, along with me as Frosine, the Matchmaker.

We were fortunate to have Frank and Barb Peretti help design and decorate the set for the play. It is very beautiful.

The setting is the living room of Harpagon's house, set in Paris, France in 1668.

How fortunate we are to have our three daughters in the play with us. With The Princess heading off to college next fall, this may be the last time the five of us are in a play together, at least for a while. They are all doing really well in their roles.

The servants, portrayed by David Selman, Kiki Aru, Frank Peretti, Z2 and Cherri Bartle, show off the store of furniture Harpagon has as part of his loan to his son.

The Princess, as Elise, Harpagon's daughter, and Luke Crigger as Valere, his servant, find it hard to hide their true feelings for each other from Harpagon.

Below, Chance Hughes and Chelane Connel protray Cleante, Hargagon's son, and Marianne, whom Cleante loves, but his father Harpagon wants to marry.

Vern Hanson played two roles in this production. One was Master Simon, and the other was the Magistrate, pictured above with PKR.

Ken Bartle, center, is Monsieur Anselme, who, along with Valere and Marianne, share some surprising revelations.

We have 8 more performances to go, with four this week, and for the following week. Ticket sales have been good. Some performances are sold out already.

My friend VA was at the performance on Sunday afternoon, and paid us all a wonderful comment, telling us, "It was just magical. Magic took place on that stage."

As a performer, there are no sweeter words to hear.


Laurie said...

Can't wait to see it!

Inland Empire Girl said...

I agree with VA's comment. It was certainly magic.