Media Monday--Regina Spektor

The Princess bought Regina Spektor's "Begin to Hope" CD a few months ago, and I became hooked on her unique sound. This song, Samson, is one of my favorites on the this album. I love the phrase, "You are my sweetest downfall". It makes me think of those things in life that are very tempting, but I should stay away from. And those sweet temptations I have given into throughout my life.

You are my sweetest downfall...I loved you first

I thought about Regina's music because, according to my brother Raymond Pert's blog, he seems to be a fan as well.


Phil said...

We're big Regina Spektor fans too. Love "Fidelity"...

You guys should check out an Australian singer named Sia. Her new CD is called Some People Have Real Problems and is beautiful and quirky pop. Check out the samples on iTunes.

Another new singer we really like is Kate Nash. Her new CD is Made Of Bricks. It's catchy Britpop that is so refreshing in this day and age of processed computer-aided dance pop.

raymond pert said...

I am only separated by three (or is it two?) degrees from Regina. My good friend and play director Sparky's daughter went to school in NY with Regina. I'll probably have the Spek over for dinner soon.

(That's what we close friends of her know her as: The Spek.