Winter Walk--The Road That Leads Me to My Door

Here is what the road in front of my house looked like this morning as I left NR at her home, and headed for my own door. I love the snow. But I don't like it when it gets to this phase, all slushy, and dirty with big puddles all around. Driving down our rode is like being on the "Indiana Jones Adventure" ride at Disneyland. The ride was fun at Disneyland. It gets a little old each day driving to work in these conditions, and my drive to work is only about three minutes.

Well, I can take consolation in the fact I don't have a giant snowball hurtling toward me that I have to dodge as I make my way to work each morning. Now, if that was the case, my morning commute would be quite an adventure.

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Phil said...

This is so funny! My wife said the same thing about the drive down our street, that it was like the Indiana Jones Adventure. Whipping from side to side, stopping and starting, bumping and bouncing.

Time for tire realignment!