Take a Picture Tuesday--Dad at the Sunshine Inn

My Dad as a bartender at the Sunshine Inn in Kellogg.

As I reported below on my Winter Walk, the Sunshine Inn is reopening soon.

The Sunshine Inn holds many memories for our family as we grew up here in Kellogg.

One reason was Dad was employed as a bartender at the Sunshine Inn.

My memories are of going out to dinner at the Sunshine Inn, and eating in the Jackass Room, where a large picture of Noah Kellogg and his jackass hung on the wall.

One favorite treat of mine was a drink called a Shirley Temple. You would get it served in a tall glass, with a marachino cherry sticking out on top.

The drink is made up of 7-Up and grenandine syrup. At least that is the version I remember.

I always enjoyed dining at the Sunshine Inn. The owners names were Sig and Bunnie Peterson, and I think they were always good to my dad.

So, now, once it is opening again, maybe I can take my girls to the Sunshine Inn and they can have Shirley Temples with a meal while dining in the Jackass Room.

I wonder if Noah and his companion still hang on the wall?


Inland Empire Girl said...

I don't remember this picture of Dad. He looks so young and like he loves his job. That is a pretty fancy looking bar behind him. Bring on the Shirley Temples.

MarmiteToasty said...

Looks like your dad is loving working as a barman :).... love the idea of you taking your kids to the same place you remember as a child...... I use to take me lads to this pub place next to where I was born and apparently where me birth was toasted... and where growing up me parents would take us kids on a sunday so they could meet up with their sailing friends and old neighbours... it over looks the sailing club and inlet in town..... if I close me eyes I can still remember climbing with me old brother onto the outside seats to peek in the windows of the pub to see what all the laughter was about.... we would sit outside on our own for hours with a bottle of coke and a packet of crisps, once we wandered out onto the mudflats cos the tide was out looking for pennies that people would through in the mud for nippers to hunt for during the summer..... jebus we was in for a hiding of a lifetime cos we got soooooo muddy lol....

YOU always have the knack to bring back so many memories for me :)


Cedar Street Kid said...

Ah yes,good memories. I am thrilled that it is reopening.what would realy be great is if they brought back live music.Those were the days