The First Day of School Was Different Today

A tradition in our home for the last 19 years has been to take a "first day of school" picture.

Today, that didn't happen.

It was kind of weird.  It was strange.  It didn't seem right.

But it is another indication that things are different in my life this year, with all my girls in college, and nobody starting another year of K-12 school this year.

I still had a first day of school today.  And so did Paul.  And so did Molly.

But the first day of school as an employee at the school is a little different than being a student.

Here is a couple of first day of school photos I did take today at Kellogg High School.

Here is Paul up on the ladder getting ready to take a photograph of the KHS Student Body for the Yearbook.

Here is this year's KHS Student Body posing for a photograph
as we begin the 2014-2015 school year.

A lot of thoughts have gone through my mind in the last few weeks as the house emptied.

Usually my thoughts center on how proud I am of my three daughters, and how they are three beautiful, strong, independent women who are making good choices for themselves, and Paul and I should be proud of how we raised them, and what a blessing they are to us.

Sometimes my thoughts go toward three little girls getting off the bus in front of the house, and new school clothes, and school supplies, and sitting and listening about the days they had.

Well, I actually got to do that today.  When Molly got home, after working a full day, then driving to Coeur d'Alene for a class, she shared with me her first day of school.  It is still fun to listen to her day, even though there is definitely a different spin on it these days.

I miss Zoe, all the way down in Caldwell, and the fact that I won't see her until October when she comes home for a few days for her break.  But, despite a very busy class, work and internship schedule, I know she will do great!!

And it is strange not seeing Coco, but will get to see her Friday, as we travel down to Moscow to celebrate her 19th birthday.  19????  Is my baby girl really going to be 19???

Here is a great video to watch for the first day of school.  Actually, for some of you, it will make you bawl your eyes out.  But it is great just the same!!

........slipping through my fingers.............

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Nita Jo said...

Oh you! I'm crying my eyes out! Even though I had boys, that "slipping through my fingers" feeling is the same. Beautiful, touching post!