How Can You Talk For Seven Hours?

How can you talk for seven hours?

This is a question often posed to my friends and I who gather on a monthly basis for our Creative Masterminds Group.

We are a group of women who have known each other for a very long time.  I met some of the women in our group at the ages of three and four.  I think the person I have knows for the shortest amount of time, I met when we were 14.

So you might say I have quite a history with these ladies.  It is what brings us together each month to spend time with one another.

It is what helps us open up and share about our lives, knowing we are safe.

A certain amount of trust has been established over the decades.

And we are at a point in our lives, that we really need one another.

Right now, if I am not mistaken, everyone in our group is 51 years old.

Our children are growing.  Our parents are aging.  We are moving into new phases of our lives with jobs, careers, and relationships.

We are all unique, beautiful, wonderful women.

I love them all very much, and couldn't imagine not having them in my life right now.

So, what do you talk about for seven hours?

Here are a few things...catching up on our lives.  Retelling stories from the past.  Revealing secrets.  Sharing our dreams.  Sharing wisdom and advice with one another.  Sharing things we are struggling with at this time in our lives.  Sharing our faith.  Sharing laughter.  Sharing tears.  Sharing love.

It is a beautiful thing...talking seven hours with these women....we are each a blessing to one another.

Creative Masterminds Group gathering...September 2014

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