Finding the Orange in My World Scavenger Hunt

I am involved in a 30 day online challenge, and I was challenged to do a scavenger hunt involving finding the color orange.  So I went outside and hunted around my yard, and also came inside the house, and here is what I found that was orange in my world.
I had just changed out my purse, and started using my orange purse for the oncoming fall season.
I just planted this cone flower in the front flower bed.
This flower has been blooming all summer in pots in front of my house.

The road in front of my house is being paved, and this orange barrel has been there for a few weeks.
Orange zucchini blossoms in my vegetable garden. 

Another orange flower in a backyard flower bed.

A cheery orange marigold.

Orange berries on the Mountain Ash tree in my backyard.

The leaves on my Oregon Grape plants are turning orange.
A bright pink soccer ball fades to orange.

More orange flowers.

An orange-striped planter that holds my begonia on my patio during the summer months.

A groovy CD player in the kitchen.
My husband's orange eyeglasses and orange-striped socks he set out to wear today. 
He didn't even know I was hunting for orange!!

The cribbage board and playing cards are also in orange boxes on a shelf in the living room.

Some of the beads on this necklace are orange.

My funky pants I am wearing today have some orange zig-zag stripes.

Here is some of the orange I found in my world today.

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