Cosette, I'll Be There Just For You

I have had a song going through my head for a few days, and I thought it was perfect to share with my daughter Cosette as she begins college and turns 19 years old.

The song is by Kenny Loggins, and it was written for his son, and it is titled, "Cody's Song".  It is from the CD that I played to all my girls when they were growing up, "Return To Pooh Corner".

This is appropriate because my little Coco went through a phase when she had very short hair, and her wonderful older sisters told people they had a little brother names Cody, because the short hair kind of made her look like a boy.

I love the words to this song.  And it is so true.  We are there when our kids are babies, and we hold them and sing to them lullabies.

But the lullabies never go away, or the meanings of those lullabies.

And this song is so true, because I will always be there for you Cosette, no matter what happens.  Your mommy will always be here to sing to you...comfort you...I'll be there anytime and anywhere.

"Cody's Song"
When you feel afraid,
When you lose your way, I'll find you,
Just try to smile, and dry your eyes,
I will bring back the moon into your skies.
And ever you will, remember darling, I'll be there to:

Say to you
I'll promise you
I'll promise to
Comfort you and say to you
Darling, I'll be there just for you.

There's so much to learn,
And when you want me
Then I'll show you,
And through the years,
You'll always be
The lullaby in the heart of the child in me.

Whenever you will, remember darling
I'll be there to

Say to you
I'll promise you
I'll promise to
Comfort you and say to you
Darling, I'll be there just for you.

Hold it, feel it,
Music is in your heart.
When you need it,
Just keep listening,
Let it sing, let it sing.

Though you've grown away
No matter how you'll change
I'll know you.
And when you tire of life alone,
There will always be one sure way back home

Just turn on the quiet,
And you close your eyes
And listen inside

I'll be there to sing to you,
I promise you
I promise to
Comfort you
And sing to you.

And darling, I'll be there,
Anytime, and anywhere,
Cody I'll be there just for you.

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