Snow BerriesSnow Eyes
Snow Tree
Snow Wish--I Think It Came True
Snow Stop

Snow Steps

Snow Springs

Snow Sink

Beware The Elusive Snow Pom

Japanese Snow Maple

Solar Snow Light--I Don't Think It Works

Snow Jump
SNOWGATE--How Scandalous!!!

Snow Dog--The One Pet Who Loves This Weather

Burning Snow Bush--God Said There is More On the Way

Snow Box--Anything in there from the North Pole?

Snow Bench

Snow Beds

Snow Bath

Snow Barrel

Snow Ball


Cedar Street Kid said...

Snow sink? Hm, must be a new fad.
Nice pics, SVG

Silver Valley Girl said...

Yes, a snow sink is quite handy. Whenever you need some snow, you just go turn on the faucet, and out it comes!!!

inlandempiregirl said...

What a great collection of pictures. Annie and Shelby loved seeing their cousins. I really like the snow berry one.

Silver Valley Girl said...

Thanks, IEG. Yes, the snow berry was may favorite, too. That is why I put it first. That Mountain Ash tree does look really pretty with the berries and the snow.

Laurie said...

Love the pictures--and the clever captions. Can't wait to see you guys!

Yolanda said...

It looks much the same here.

MarmiteToasty said...

That first photo is gorgeous..... the snow looks lovely and crisp and soft and fluffy.... and cold and damp and slippery LOL


Princess said...

You should have an R rating on your blog for that scandalous pic.

Silver Valley Girl said...

Well, at least now that you have your official ID, you can view my blog, since it is R rated.

Princess said...

Touche oh witty one.
However this is more raunchy than any movie I could ever see.

Silver Valley Girl said...

Yes, you thought Snowgate was bad...and I have to admit the Santa collection was pretty risque...just wait until I post pictures of my Snowman collection.

Princess said...

Please mother don't be crude!

Thankfully you arn't like those Bartels with the Nutcracker collection!

Silver Valley Girl said...

I still wish they had the Hilary Clinton one. Maybe I should buy one for Pastor Ken!!

Princess said...

Stop nagging Zoe about hanging up her coat!

But keep nagging coco about my bedroom please.

Lukas said...

yes keep nagging coco about Mollz bedroom! (whatever that means)

at least Molly knows how to spell touche...I have always had a hard time with that one.

and Molly JUST NOW got her ID? OH CRAP! she shouldnt have watched SHREDDER yet!!!

Silver Valley Girl said...

You are out of high school. Quit talking about the romantic shenanigans of the high schoolers, and get a life!!!

Princess said...

I don't know what you are talking about and you have no evidence.
for all I know YOU are the creeper talking about them in relationships

and WOOKITH PAW CriGA don't tell my momma I watched that movie I get whipped!

Lukas said...

wow...that was unexpected and uncalled for...you always get to me the most!

I'm going back to cutting. Anything to keep my mind off YOU

Silver Valley Girl said...

Hi Lukas!! Yeah, I can't believe The Princess has seen Shredder, but, but I guess we let her because of the Oscar caliber acting and the high quality cinematic value of the film that justified her watching it even though she was underage.

Princess said...

Yes Shredder was the old Iron man (from luke's percpective) (spelling i do not have firefox

and for my mother it is the old Paschendale or Lethal Weapon

Lukas said...

oh yeah? apparently Timmy created the IMDB Profile of that guy in shredder who apparently voiced aladdin! thus sayeth the mollz.

and Molly is powerless without her firefox! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA

I bet she doesnt even know how to spell her name...

I am looking through Julias Myspace profile pics (even though she deleted me) of church camp. I forgot we had a black kid there. Key word is "had"


Princess said...

mole says :D



Silver Valley Girl said...

Woah, Woah!!! Someone is shouting...please tone it down...lower your voice...QUIET!!!!!

Princess said...

25th comment!

the end

I will simmer down now

Tired Lukas said...

no I have not logged into your myspace in about 2 months.

I dont really have any reason to go on your account anymore...

Julia has an open Profile, and oddly enough I still have Nicks account on my myspace friends list haha

anyways, I gotta go to bed cause I got a full, cold, day of work tomorrow....those darn brazilians. I dont like any of them...NONE of them know their shoe size and it takes three times as long to get them through...why can't they be american like everyone else?