A Rather Quirky Christmas Movie

I had a meeting in Coeur d'Alene that was job related this morning, then I went and a little Christmas shopping. Then I picked up The Princess and Boyfriend and we went to lunch at Tomato Street. As we were visiting, we started talking about the movie "Love Actually" and how I guess it could be consider a Christmas movie....a rather quirky Christmas movie. Or, since it is a British movie, it would probably be a quirky Crimbo movie, right Marmite Toasty?

(And I hinted to The Princess that a DVD of this movie would be a wonderful Christmas gift for her mother!!)

This British romantic comedy follows the lives of eight very different couples in dealing with their love lives in various loosely and interrelated tales all set during a frantic month before Christmas in London, England.

It is rated R because of sexuality, nudity and language. (The sexuality and nudity is mostly from one part of the movie that had to do with a couple who are stand ins for X rated movies so they can get the lighting correct. These scenes may be a bit uncomfortable for some. Others of you will probably enjoy the absurdity of the situation.)

The cast are a wonderful ensemble of English actors. My fave actor Alan Rickman is in it, along with Emma Thompson, Colin Firth and Hugh Grant, to name a few. I'm not a big Hugh Grant fan, but I really like him in this movie.

This isn't the first time I've highlighted this movie. To read and watch a few more clips from the movie, go here.

The movie soundtrack album is also wonderful.

Here is one of the more Christmasy songs that is sung throughout the movie, sung here by an amazing young woman named Olivia Olson. She is only ten years old, and yes, this is her singing.


Leahann a.k.a Kimberly's Mommy said...

I've never seen this movie. I'll have to go rent it sometime. Maybe I'll do that on one of my Tuesday "Me Days" very soon.

MarmiteToasty said...

Yep its a well proper British film :)....

I LOVE crimbo films....

Not that struck on Hugh either, but I did LOVE him in that film 'Went up A Hill and Came Down a Mountain' or whatever it was called LOL it was set in Ireland and I LOVED love LOVED it.....

*cough* and we dont say movies we still say 'films' LOL but then I still call 'going to the cinema'...'going to the pictures' but then Im well old :)


Princess said...

I forgot Colin Firth was in it