Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire.....

Our sibling assignments for the month are going to keep with the holiday theme. Here is the assignment IEG assigned us this week:

" When we hear certain songs they take us back to a time and place in our past and stir up memories. Pick a Christmas song and reflect on the time and place it takes you."

IEG's story of one of her favorite Christmas songs and movie is here, and Raymond Perts will be here soon.

Every little girl likes to impress her daddy. I was no exception. I loved to make my daddy happy.

The Christmas song I am reflecting on is "The Christmas Song." This was Dad's favorite Christmas song. Every Christmas you knew it was his favorite. As soon as the words "Chestnuts Roasting on a Open Fire...." were sung, Dad would often join in and sing through the entire song.

I have a very special memory regarding this song. I was probably around 10 years old, maybe younger. I remember being in the car driving either to Spokane or home from Spokane, because my Grandma Woolum was in the car. We had probably just been to Spokane to pick her up to bring her to our house for Christmas. Dad was driving, and Mom was sitting in the front passenger seat.

I can't remember how I started singing this song, but I did. I don't think it came on the radio, because we didn't listen to the car radio that often when I was younger. One reason was there wasn't many stations you could pick up good reception on as you traveled over the Fourth of July Pass. Also, I don't think they played Christmas songs as much on the radio when I was younger as they do now.

But, for some reason, I started singing, all by myself, "The Christmas Song" for my daddy. I sang it all the way through. I have always enjoyed singing, and to be able to share this song with my daddy was very special.

Even though it is about 35 years later, here is a little taste of what you may have heard had you been in that Chevy Malibu driving from Spokane, Washington to Kellogg, Idaho a few days before Christmas.

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