Ding, Dong, Ding, Dong

Another trip over the hill today to Coeur d'Alene, for Kiki Aru's basketball game. Also took Z2 so she and The Princess could go watch the new movie Twilight. They both really enjoyed it. I'm a little behind on the whole Twilight craze. But we do have all the books in the series, so I hope to start reading them soon. (I was a little late on the Harry Potter craze as well, but once I began reading them, I LOVED them.)

Kiki Aru was awesome in the game today. She hustled, and she was the top scorer in the game, with 15 points.

I've mentioned before how I often don't enjoy watching basketball games because the parents can get a bit out of hand and unruly. I have been so impressed this year, not only with our parents, but with the officiating in this AAU league. Often I think that is why parents get upset, is when there is poor officiating. But these officials have been very consistent, and it has sure made this league a very good experience as a parent. Hats off to the organizers of this Post Fall AAU league.

Stopped and did a bit more shopping, dropped The Princess back at her dorm at NIC, then drove home. Thank goodness the roads were good. With all the prediction of snow, I was a bit concerned about how the roads were going to be this weekend. (I think ever since I had my car wreck last December, I am even more cautious when it comes to driving the Fourth of July pass.) But everything was fine. And it was sure nice filling up the tank of gas at Fred Meyer for only $1.50.9 a gallon. (That is with my rewards card 10 cent off bonus.)

Z2 and I got our lighted nativity scene up outside in front of the house. Here is Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus in front of our house.

The first year we put up our lighted nativity here at our house, someone actually came and stole baby Jesus. It was pretty strange, and funny in an odd sort of way. I mean, why would someone come and steal a plastic, lighted up Baby Jesus? We'll probably never know. (Actually, my prayer is that more people would take baby Jesus with them throughout the Christmas season. They might enjoy the holidays a lot more!!)

As my thoughts focused on Christmas songs to share, one of my favorites I enjoy hearing each year is Carol of the Bells. I love hearing it performed by bands or orchestras, or listening to it in different ways on CD's.

Here is a wonderful version performed by Celtic Women. Now I would love to see these women in concert. (Especially if it could be somewhere on the British Isles, since that has been a dream of mine to visit there ever since I can remember!!)

So, here is a beautiful version of one of my Christmas favorites, Carol of the Bells.


MarmiteToasty said...

Dont let JBelle spy your navity scene, cos you know she till nab it for her collection lol


Go Figure said...

Sounds like a great baseketball game. Parents have not changed over the years. While coaching Brian and Matt they would hang over the rails and rant. One group, from the Liberty Lake area had won a big Tourney in Spokane and came to play a group of Park and Rec players that I had coached...Well they had us down by about 6 right off the bat because in Park and Rec they can't press...one time out and away they went and trounced them...not once but twice...during the year. HA! Used the old "Orange" play a lot. HA!

Idaho Dad said...

We were in your neck of the woods this weekend, staying at the Silver Mountain Lodge for a couple days of fun at the waterpark. I was afraid we might get snowed in when the white stuff started falling this morning, but it let up and we got home safe. The kids loved Silver Rapids, and it was nice to swim in warm water while temps outside were freezing.

Silver Valley Girl said...

MT--I'll keep my eye on it pretty close this year, and make sure she doesn't get it!!

GF--I'm sure as she gets older it is just something I'll have to deal with...but I never do like that part of it. But sometimes I have to cool PKR down a bit...HA!!

ID--Yes that is a nice little family get away. The water park is nice. They let all the students at Kellogg Middle School and staff go for free last year right before it opened, and it was fun.

If you were staying in one of the rooms on the east side you could probably see our house. Our view from the west is the condos. It was pretty out with the snow falling today. Glad you made it home safe!!!