Ties to a Sore Throat

I wish I didn't have a tie to a sore throat.  It wasn't fun realizing last night my throat was hurting, I was coughing, and that it was really burning by the time I woke up this morning.

I stayed in bed and rested all day.

I looked up ways to alleviate the pain of a sore throat.

I have gargled with salt water.  Kind of makes you gag, but it works.

I have drank water.

I have drank Throat Coat Tea.

I have drank beef bullion.

I took Nyquil today, and that helped with the post nasal drip, and helped me sleep all afternoon.

I suck on Ricola Throat Drops.

I watched many episodes from the second season of Law and Order.  I'm not sure it helps my throat much, but it is very entertaining.

I ate a teaspoon full of honey.  I also plan to gargle with Listerine.

I looked up some remedies on the Internet.  Here are some I did not try:

I have not gargled with sage, raspberry tea or turmeric.  They are suppose to work, though.

I did not make a Horseradish cocktail.

I don't have any juice bars, so I didn't eat them.  But that does sound good.

I haven't sucked on garlic.

But I did post on Facebook for my friends to pray that I feel better, and I know that has helped immensely.

Anyone else have a proven home remedy for me to try? 

Thanks for the suggestions.

I really hope to get better by Saturday.  I am flying to Houston, Texas for a conference, and I really don't want to be sick while I'm traveling.  So keep those prayers and remedies coming my way!!


inlandempiregirl said...

I think the best idea is to mix up a horseradish cocktail, chew on a few garlic cloves, then get on the plane. You may not have to sit next to anyone. lol. You've done most of my tricks except I take Advil. Lemon drops helped also once I had to talk at school again.

Silver Valley Girl said...

Great idea!! Yes, I need to go pick up some lemon drops. They are always good for the throat. I actually did put some horseradish and cloves and honey in my Throat Coat Tea last night, and I think it worked. I am feeling much better today. Still a little sore, but not burning like yesterday, and I did get lots of rest yesterday.