Tied to Helping Students Prepare for Post-Secondary Education

For the last few days I have been attending a conference that has had me focus on what parts of the program I work with at Kellogg Middle School I feel would be worth sustaining, and creating a plan to do this.

All these have to do with preparing students to prepare to stay in high school, graduate, and go on to some kind of post-secondary education.

First, I would like all 8th graders from now on to have the opportunity to visit a college campus.

I would also like them to go through the Dependable Strengths process, that helps them identify their strengths, and their good experiences, which can help them in the process of identifying a subject for their senior project.

I would also like them to take a test that helps them prepare for their ACT test they have to take as a junior in order to graduate from high school.

And I would like them to have access to a program called eCIS, that gives them and their parents an abundant amount of information on colleges, careers and financial aid options.

I would also like to start a "Parent Academy" program that has parents teaching other parents about information about how to get their students prepared to get a post-secondary education.

So now it is time to write a plan, and get it done!!

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Go Figure said...

SVG: That is great stuff! Keep up the good work! Also, remember to tell them to not take life/school so seriously that they burn out by the time the graduate from H.S. Stop and smell the roses, have some fun, play or watch sports, perform in or watch plays... Best regards.