Ties to My Workplace--Kellogg Junior High School/Kellogg Middle School

I enjoy working in a school where I was also a student.

Actually, both schools that are my workplace, I was once a student.

Kellogg Middle School used to be Kellogg Junior High School.  I enjoy having ties to this building, and memories of being a student there.

It is also fun having ties to some of the staff.  As I stroll through the halls of Kellogg Middle School, I can find ties to many of the faculty and staff.

The choir director started her career at Kellogg Junior High School when I was a student there, and still continues to work and help students perform.

Another faculty member was a fellow student with me at KJHS and Kellogg High School, and today she is a wonderful role model for the students at KMS.

One of my brother's best friend's sons teaches Science at KMS.

One of my sister's former students teaches English at KMS, and has had all three of my daughter as students.

When I was a student at Sunnyside Elementary in Kellogg, JD came and started her teaching career as a fifth grade teacher.  Now she teaches Math and Social Studies at KMS.

One of the teacher aides is the daughter of one of Dad's best friends.

The art/computer teacher married a man I grew up with in Kellogg.

When I was growing up, I stayed at one of the secretaries parent's houses when she and my mom and sister went on a trip.

And I have established ties with other staff by working in this building for the last three years.  I have come to admire these men and women, and am very fortunate to work with such a caring group of people, who really care about the students they work with, and try to help them in many ways.

I am very glad I have ties to such a wonderful group of people.

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