Tied to My Pets

I am a pet person.

I couldn't imagine my life without pets in the house.

Now, to some of you who aren't pet people, I know you think we pet people are a little bit on the crazy side.

But, I admit it, I am totally a pet person.

When I was growing up, I remember having a cat named Peter Twinkletoes and a dog named Cleo.  Both were fun over by cars in front of our house.  So we never had anymore dogs or cats.

But I did have a white rat, and several parakeets growing up.  And there was usually an aquarium full of fish around the house each summer that Mom brought home from her classroom.  One summer I even remember Mom had seahorses in the aquarium.  That was pretty cool.

Once I was out on my own after graduating college, I adopted two kittens, Lynx and Jessie.  They kept me company during a very lonely time in my life when I lived in Eastern Montana, and my family and friends were all back in Idaho, plus my fiance PKR.

When we moved to Meridian, we lost Lynx, but gained Cozomo, our first black cat.  We also had Smokey for a brief time while in Meridian as well.

Jessie and Cozomo moved to Kellogg with us.  Then Mikey came along, then we added Benjamin.  After we lost Mikey, we added Milo and T.C.  Then three legged Toby was added to the mix.

We lost Milo last year, which was hard for all of us.

So that is the story with our cats.

Once we moved to Kellogg, and had a fenced in yard, we got our first dog, Peaches, our Keeshond.  It was such a joy adding a dog to our family of pets.

Then The Princess wanted a dog, and thought a Pomeranian was a good idea.  So Sadie was brought into our lives.  Then last summer, Z2 adopted another Pomeranian, Juliet.

I love their presence in our home.  I love when I am home alone, and reading in the living, they all come and find their spots, and find a comfy spot in the living room to keep me company.  I love when they come and sit next to me on the couch and snuggle.

I love taking them for walks.  I love when I cry, and they come and comfort me.

Pets love without condition.  They are such a special part of our lives.

And they will be tied to me forever.


Go Figure said...

Hey Great photo! Haven't seen that one. Almost bought the Big Burn the other day, but instead went with a Uhtred story by Robert Cromwell. Ha. More blood and gore. Go Uhtred!!!!

Nita Jo said...

I love this post! Makes me want to get a pet again. I miss their company and the unconditional love.

Silver Valley Girl said...

GF--Yes, Jim See from Mullan sent me a copy of the photograph, and he also sent me an article about who the men are, and a little bit about their story. I just started reading "The Big Burn". It is really good so far.

NJ--Yes, I couldn't imagine life without them.