Tied to Glendive, Montana

This week I gave my siblings the following assignment:

Think about one of the places you lived in the 1980's, and write about how you are still tied to that place.

I live four different places in the 1980's.

I lived in Kellogg, Idaho, Moscow, Idaho, San Bernardino, California and Glendive, Montana.

I am going to write about how I am still tied to Glendive, Montana.

Glendive is where I moved to after I graduated from college in 1985.  I was hired as the Director of Admissions and Public Relations at Dawson Community College.

I moved into my first apartment, lived there a year on my own, then married PKR over the summer, and he came and joined me there in the summer of 1986.

The Princess was born in Glendive in 1990, and the experience of being pregnant and having you first child in a location always ties you to that place because of the memories of that incredible experience.

I still keep in touch with many of the people I knew in Glendive.  Each year I receive Christmas cards from a variety of people I either worked with or went to church with, keeping up on their lives and their families.

Through Facebook, I have reconnected with many of the kids we had in youth group while we were youth group leaders at our church.

Many of the lessons we learned in church from our Pastor have strengthened our faith in God, and have stayed with us throughout the years.

The work I did at the college helps me in my current position, helping students and parents prepare early to attend college.

I'm tied to the spirit of Glendive.  The people in eastern Montana had a certain way of looking at life, and dealing with life that has always stayed with me.  They never gave up, even when they were dry land farming throughout years of drought.  Even though the oil slowly dried up, and the railroad slowly quit stopping as often.  They had a spirit I admired.

I loved my time in Glendive, and I'm glad PKR and I were able to start our married life there, and I will always have ties to that wonderful town, and the wonderful people who live there.

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