Tied to Gospel Music

Sunday morning we headed over to the House of Blues here in Houston for their Gospel Brunch.

What a wonderful experience.  When PKR heard I was going to this, he pouted a little...and with good reason.  He would have loved this, as well as many of my other friends....Nita Jo...you would have been in Heaven!!

But first, there was the food.  There were four different stations of food.  At the first station you could build you own omelet.  The next station had scrambled eggs, biscuits and gravy, fried chicken, shrimp and cocktail sauce, salad, bagels and lox, fried potatoes and waffle bar.

The next station had three kids of meats, some cheesy grits, and lots of different sauces.

Then there was fresh fruit, pastries, muffins, bread pudding and apple crisp.

Yes, it was quite a spread, and quite good.

As you are sitting down, enjoying your meal, the curtain opens and this week "The Discples of Christ" was the music group performing.  It was four ladies, and their band of four men including a bass player, drummer, electric guitar and keyboard.  They definitely had the Gospel music sound.  They had people dancing and clapping and singing, and it was a great time.

I missed going to my church this morning, but it was fun having church with the people at House of Blues this morning.

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