Weepy, Weepy, Weepy

 PKR and I rehearsing for "I Do! I Do!"

As I have mentioned a few times, PKR and I are doing a two person musical called "I Do! I Do!", which opens next Friday, January 8th at the Sixth Street Theater in Wallace.

This has been a very interesting process, rehearsing with my own husband, where the show is about a couple's long marriage.

I find myself choking up during rehearsal.  Last night, when we got to the end of the show and we are walking out, the tears in my eyes were not fake.

It is such a touching musical.  And to have the privilege of performing this show with my own husband of 23 years.

The tears surprise me.  And, as we rehearse, it comes in different places.  But it is usually somewhere in the second act, toward the end of the show.

I keep wondering if this is going to go away, or get more intense throughout next week, as we open the show. 

This is such a well written musical, and I really wish everyone I know could see it.  And it isn't because it is PKR and I performing it, it is because it is such a good show. 

Another plus from doing this show is that most of the proceeds from the ticket sales will be going toward three local charities in the Silver Valley, "Meals on Wheels", "The Women's Resource Center" and "The Shoshone Community Health Clinic".  PKR and I  wish we could give away all kinds of money to help people in need. But we have been blessed with an enthusiasm for performing, and it is something we love to do, and can use this ability to give back to our community.  So we are.

And people have been very generous in sponsoring the show, too.  We asked people to sponsor the royalties for each night's show, so the expenses would be covered, and more of the ticket sales could go directly toward the charities.  So far, we have had over $1800 donated to help with expenses.  What a blessing.

So, we have a music rehearsal on Saturday, then three more rehearsals next week, and open on Friday.  We'll see if I can make it through opening night without needing a box of Kleenix. 

But,  if I do need that box of Kleenix, I think it would pretty cool.


inlandempiregirl said...

Oh dear... I bet this time instead of laughing my head off, I will be crying my head off. Speaking of needing Kleenex... I better bring my own box!

Cedar Street Kid said...

Wow, SVG, I was very touched by your post. Blessings on both of you this new year, and may your show touch and help many people.

Nita Jo said...

You and PKR are such a blessing to your communtity! I will be thinking of you both. I know you have put your heart into this production and it will be amazing!

inlandempiregirl said...

I love that you placed that photo on your blog banner. The new look is great. Nice pajamas also!

inlandempiregirl said...

Okay... I may just have to copy your background. I came back and really love it.

Go Figure said...

SVG: Stiff upper lip...the show must go on.

Silver Valley Girl said...

GF--It isn't the problem of starting the show...it is the end that gets me. Today...tears running down my face as we exited the state. Oh well!!