Happy New Year!!

Well, it is January 10th, and I haven't even posted anything for the new year.

It always seems to happen.  When I am rehearsing for a play, blogging, reading and other creative outlets seem to get put aside until life returns to some normalcy.

So we made it through our first weekend of shows.  They all went really well.  I was a bit concerned about PKR's voice today, but he made it through.  I hope his throat is feeling better by next weekend.  Poor guy!!

We are back to school, and into the swing of things there.  I talked to freshmen last week about career information, and gave the 8th grader the EXPLORE assessment.  This is the 8th grade ACT test.  Next week is the end of the semester, and semester tests.  That is good, because then I can do some organizing and catching up.

I hope to get the Christmas decorations down tomorrow.  I don't think I have ever taken this long to take them down.  YIKES!!

I really hope to look back on 2010, and see that I have accomplished something.  It seems like I make the same "resolutions" every year, and never get them accomplished.  Well, I am bound and determined to make this year different.  All it will take is a little discipline and self-control in some areas.  Here is to 2010....(I prefer calling is two thousand ten, not twenty ten).

And we're off............


Cedar Street Kid said...

Welcome back-been missing your posts.

inlandempiregirl said...

my Christmas decorations are still up... I don't have much of an excuse.