Mystery Reader

Today I accompanied my mom to Mrs. Baillie's second grade classroom, where Mom had the honor of being this week's "Mystery Reader" in this second grade classroom at Pinehurst Elementary.

Part of the reason Mrs. Baillie wanted her second graders to meet Mom was because Mom was Mrs. Baillie's second grade teacher.

Mom's book pick was "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" by Dr. Suess.  It is one of Mom's favorite Christmas books.  Mom has been retired from teaching for 20 years, but she still has the teaching knack.  She doesn't just read the story...she engages the students, drawing them in by asking questions.

"What do they call an icebox today?"

"What do we call the horn on Max's head?"

"Do you have a huge feast at Christmas?"

After the story ended, the students asked Mrs. Woolum, the mystery reader, what it was like to be Mrs. Baillie's teacher.  Mom explained how students could be paddled back when Mrs. Baillie was in school.

"Did Mrs. Baillie ever get spanked?"

"Was Mrs. Baillie good at Math?"

Some of the students in Mrs. Baillie's room were related to people Mom had been very close to as a teacher.  One young man was the great grandson of one of the teacher Mom taught with at Silver King School.  Another girl was the great grandaughter of a man who Dad worked with at the Zinc Plant. 

Again, there are always connections.

Here are some more pictures of Mom sharing her story with the class.  What a joy to watch Mom share this special story with this group of students.



Go Figure said...

SVG: What great fun, and what a great memory and time for memories.

Nita Jo said...

What a wonderful thing to do! I love the questions your mom asked the kids. I would have asked about the teacher getting spanked too! lol!