White Christmas

One of my favorite Christmas movies is "White Christmas".  I watched it tonight with my girls.  It is such a great show, filled with wonderful music, dance numbers, and a good message.

They just don't make movies like "White Christmas" any more.

I still giggle when the General walks into the dining room in his uniform at the end, and sees all the army men sitting in the room.

I get a little weepy.

One of my favorite parts is to sing a long to "Sisters, Sisters". 

Now I'm dreaming of my own White Christmas!!


Cedar Street Kid said...

One of my favorites, too. Nobody ever had a smoother voice than Bing did. However, I am dreaming of a Christmas with no snow this year.

inlandempiregirl said...

Me too! It is so foggy and rainy here you can't even see across the lake. I feel like I am over at the coast. I still get weepy when I watch that show also.