Z2 the Medical Mystery

Last August, Z2 was running in our backyard, and hurt her foot. She went to the clinic, and was told to use crutches and stay off of it for about four weeks.

She missed Cross Country season because of the injury.

It was feeling better, and only hurt when she used it for long periods of time. like marching in the parade for U of I Homecoming.  And, when her foot was cold, it would ache.

Today, we visited a podiatrist.  He was amazed that she had a very diminished ability to flex her big toe, and the one next to it on her right foot.  Her big toe on her left foot had 70 percent flexibility, and 60 percent in normal.

Her big toe on her right foot has 25 percent flexibility....not good.

So, to help alleviate some of the pain, she will have some orthodics made to put in her shoes.  And hopefully this will help. 

I joked with her and told her, if she kept running in track and cross country, someday they would base one of those feel good sports movies on her, the girl who persevered despite the inability to move her toes!!

The doctor was going to consult with some other specialists to see if they had heard of anything like this before.  Until then, we are thankful and grateful that she can still run and be active, and that it shouldn't cause any damage by running.


Nita Jo said...

So sorry bout Z2's toe, but that movie would be cool. I love a feel good movie now and then. lol!

MarmiteToasty said...

cripes, just glad Z2 can continue to her running........


Cedar Street Kid said...

wow-hope things work out. I wonder how much flexibilty we have in our little toe?