Special Olympics Torch Run

What a wonderful opportunity we had today at Kellogg Middle School.

The Special Olympics World Games Torch Run came to KMS for an assembly this afternoon, and it was wonderful.

As our principal Cal Ketchum introduced the assembly, about 30 Special Olympics athletes and Law Enforcement officers from around the world came into the gym, with two members carrying the torch at the front of the group.

Choir Director Joy Persoon, and her "Joybells" started off the assembly singing a beautiful rendition of "The National Anthem. That was the first time I got a bit teary.

AJ Fry, one of the Special Olympics athletes, spoke about becoming an athlete five years ago, and how it changed his life. In the last five years, he has earned over 30 gold medals, 20 or so silver medals, and 4 bronze medals.

Prior to attending the Special Olympics International World Games in Shanghai, China, AJ had this to say:

“I have made many friends, won many gold medals and traveled all over Southern California as a Special Olympics athlete. I get to represent the United States and California in the World Games. What an honor.”

Dave Wuolle, the Kellogg Chief of Police, along with Police Commissioner Merv Hill also spoke and greeted the torch run participants.

We sang along as Joy and her "Joybells" sang "Lean on Me", a very appropriate song for these athletes.

At the end, the members of the torch run spread out through the crowd of students, and their photographer took a big group picture.

Could someone hand me a Kleenix please?

Here you can find out a little more about the Special Olympics Torch Run, and the World Games, being held in Boise, Idaho February 7-13, 2009.


Nita Jo said...

Thanks for sharing that! The opening ceremonies will be held not too far from where I live. They've been sold out for a while though. There's a lot of excitement down here!

raymond pert said...

Give me about 12 hours or so and I'll come to Kellogg and hand you a Kleenix.

Anonymous said...

I just came across your blog and want to Thank You for sharing your story about AJ Fry and the Special Olympics.

AJ happens to be my son and his life has really benefitted from being a part of the Special Olympics.

What I really wanted to know, is how well did he do presenting his speech. It was only the 3rd time he ever presented his speech in front of people and I wasn't there to see it. He has to give the same speech in 5 more cities before the opening ceremony on the the 7th. I had him practice the speech 4 times a day for 6 weeks.

I will be joining AJ on Friday to watch him carry the Flame of Hope Torch to the Opening Ceremony in Nampa Idaho. I can't wait to visit your state. Can I also ask where you came across that picture of AJ, I would like a copy?

Silver Valley Girl said...

Hello Mr. Fry-- Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog.

I was very impressed with your son, and the speech he made at our assembly last Thursday. He did a wonderful job. He spoke clearly and you could understand what he was saying, and you could tell he was proud of his accomplishments. You must be very proud of such a wonderful young man.

I found the picture of your son on this website:


I hope you enjoy your time in Idaho, and good luck to AJ in all his future endeavors!!!

I feel very fortunate to have heard him speak.