Here Comes The Bride

PKR and I are entering another phase of our life.

I can tell by the wedding invitations that arrive in the mail.

They are all from children.

Or at least, that is what they seem to me.

When girls my oldest daughters age are getting married, I think of them as children.

The Princess was a bridesmaid in a wedding in December. She is in another wedding in May. We just received an invitation today from the daughter of some dear friends who live in Montana. The last time I saw this bride to be, she was jumping on the trampoline with my girls, and taking them to Vacation Bible School.

My how time flies.

Thank goodness I haven't had to start humming "Sunrise, Sunset" with my daughters quite yet.

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inlandempiregirl said...

For me the timeline marker is when I have students of my former students. That happened for the first time this year, but their parents were in high school at the time. More are coming though!