New Haircut Caused By Twelve Angry Men

For at least a year and a half, my husband's hair has been pretty long. He had grown it out because of different parts he played on the stage, such as Harpagon in "The Miser", and his character for "Godspell" last fall.

Well, in his upcoming Kellogg High School production of "Twelve Angry Men", PKR needs to step in and take over as Juror Number 11. This juror is an Eastern European, and PKR felt like this character would probably have short hair.

So, here is the new look:

If you are interested in seeing the upcoming Kellogg High School play, it will be performed next week.
The KHS Drama Department will soon be performing the classic jury room drama “Twelve Angry Men”, but with two separate casts. February 6th and 9th (Friday and Monday) our all male cast will take the stage. The 7th and 10th (Saturday and Tuesday) the ladies take on the challenge of staging “Twelve Angry Women.” Audiences are encouraged to attend both performances and see how the dynamics of the play may change when performed by a female cast. All performances begin at 7:00 pm on the KHS stage. Cost is $5.00. Keep your ticket and come back another night for half price.

Here are some pictures of the two casts practicing.

Here is the all male cast on the KHS stage during practice this week, preparing for the opening of "Twelve Angry Men".
Here is the all female cast practicing for "Twelve Angry Women". Z2 is Juror Number Five. She is second from the left in this picture.

I have been assisting PKR in this production, and it has been fun to see the students work on their character development. I look forward to next weekend, and opening night for both casts.


inlandempiregirl said...

Did you use the Pampered Chef scissors like we did with McDuff or did he get it done "professionally". Nice do!
When I first saw the title of the post I feared Z2 had to cut her hair to be an angry man!

raymond pert said...

I think PKR should stick with this Angry Man look unless the theater calls him to change.

Go Figure said...

Good look for PKR. Sounds like a great production.