Good Food, Good Conversation, Good Friends

Each month, one of the highlights I look forward to is gathering together with my Huckleberry Book Club to share about a book we have read, catch up on life, and share a wonderful meal together.

This month, our book was "The Story of Edgar Sawtelle" by David Wroblewski.

I was the one who picked the book, but I couldn't get through it. If you read about the book on the book sleeve, you know the father dies at the first part of the book.

I didn't want to keep reading, because I didn't want the father to die.

But those who did read the book really thought it was good, and beautifully written. So I'm not giving up on Edgar Sawtelle. He just got shelved for a while.

Book club was special this month, because it was JR's birthday. We met at NP's house, and she had birthday napkins and little birthday party favors, and a birthday balloon. Birthday cake was served, and presents were shared with the birthday girl.

VA is always doing something new, and now she is volunteering at a Community TV station in Spokane, and learning how to make documentaries. She shared with us her first try with a documentary on the Saranac Hotel in Spokane. It was fun to watch her new creative endeavor, and look forward to seeing many more.

SD couldn't partake in all our wonderful feast today, because she is on a 21 cleansing detox, and is getting ready to go on a Mexican cruise with her parents next month. But she could eat lots of fruits and vegetables.

MP seems to be doing better. Her daughter passed away last summer after a brave fight with cancer, and it has been a hard season, with Thanksgiving and Christmas without her daughter. But MP is pressing on, and has the love and support of family and friends to help her through this time. I am so privileged to be one of those friends.

This month's read is a book by Norwegian author Per Petterson called "Out Stealing Horses." I'm looking forward to reading a book from a culture I am not familiar with, such as Norway.

I get to host the club next month, and look we are going to have a Norwegian smorgasbord as our menu for February. JR is half Norwegian, and is going to make homemade Lefse for us with her own Lefse iron. It should be a yummy feast!!

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