Listening to American Idol

I'm sitting here in the dining room as the girls are watching last night's American Idol premiere on tape in the living room.

As I listen, it is very painful.

I wonder if it is as painful to watch.

I'm also hearing lots of laughter from the other room.

Sorry, I'm not a big reality TV fan. If you are, good for you. It just isn't my thing.

But I do have to admit Carrie Underwood does have an amazing voice, and if it weren't for AI, I probably wouldn't be able to enjoy her voice.

Oooooh, but I have to go to bed now. It is still too painful to listen to.

And I don't like to watch it either, because I don't like it when the people are bad, and the judges have to tell them.

Maybe I'll go watch some more feel good Mamma Mia.


Nita Jo said...

I love watching, but the bad ones are sooo painful for me. I can always see the hurt in their eyes. It gets a bit mean-spirited at times.

Still have not seen Mamma Mia! Must do something about that...

Go Figure said...

SVG: Glad to see someone else doesn't like the way some contestants are treated. Kind of reminds me of the Romans throwing people to the lions.

Silver Valley Girl said...

Yes, I'm not sure why they do the whole mean spirited thing. I guess some people enjoy it. Yech!!

myrtle beached whale said...

You would think someone would give them an honest appraisal before they go on national television. I think if you choose to go on TV and screech like a coital cat, you get what you deserve. It is painful to watch, but I have no sympathy. If you don't want to be judged, stay home.