WiFi at The Library in Meridian

PKR and I are sitting in a coffehouse in Meridian, Idaho enjoying some delicious foods, delicious drinks and listening to some live music of a young rock band who is playing out front. The name of the band is SCAM, made up of two girls and two guys. They are nice to listen to, and what a great opportunity to share your music with others.You can find out more The Library here, and, next time you are in Meridian, come and check it out.
PKR's sister Laurie has performed here a couple of times. In fact, she is off in Portland this week recording her second CD, so, unfortunately we won't get to see her on this trip. But we look forward to getting her new CD. To find out more about her music, check out her website here.
We needed to find some wireless spot to get on the Internet, and PKR's parents suggested here. Plus, they had a two for one coupon to get something to eat here as well.
It has been seven years since we moved from Meridian back to the Silver Valley. We moved to Meridian in 1991, and the population was about 12,000. When we moved in 2000, I think the population was around 25,000. Now, as you enter the city limits, it says 56,000. The growth is unbelievable. And PKR's parents, who live in Meridian, had a lot to say about all the traffic. It was getting bad before we moved...I can only imagine what it is like now.
But there are certainly perks to growth. I'm not saying it is all bad. I love coming here to visit friends and family and eat at some favorite places, and enjoy the shopping. I have some very special friends that I only see if I travel down here, and the times spent with them are times I treasure in my heart . My daughters have friends and family here they love spending time with as well.
We made the choice to move to Kellogg and live in a smaller area where we have to drive a ways to take in some of the perks of bigger city living.
I'm okay with the arrangement. I need my city fix every once in a while. But I'm always glad to get back home.


Inland Empire Girl said...

Wow! I was impressed that the public library had coffee and food, then realized it was the name of the place you chose to go! :) I couldn't handle the traffic before... now ... whew... I would probably get " so screwed up" trying to find my way.

Phil said...

We lived in Boise from 1990 to 2003, so we experienced all of those changes. But when we went back last year, it had changed so much that we could hardly recognize things. And in just three years?!?!

It took us an hour to drive from our friends' house in Nampa to Zoo Boise. I remember when Eagle Road was NOTHING, and now it's one of the busiest streets in the whole state. I read somewhere that the intersection of Eagle and Fairview is the most dangerous in the state.

When people talk about out-of-control growth here in North Idaho, I have to laugh a little. It's nothing at all like what has been going on in the Treasure Valley.

Inland Empire Girl said...

Oops! If I would have looked at the picture closer I would have seen The Library A Coffeehouse. It was the flag that threw me!