Don Sausser's Favorite Tree

A special thank today to Coeur d'Alene resident Don Sausser who took me up on my offer and sent a picture of his favorite tree. I encourage others to send me a picture of their tree. I will post it and what you have to say about your favorite tree.
Here is my favorite tree. Favorite because I nearly had it removed.

We purchased rental property at the corner of 12th St & Walnut in CDA. In the Spring we were upgrading the property by removing two old tired fruit trees, removing a 1920's Model A garage, replacing the lawn and adding sprinklers. The Black Locust tree blooms about one month later than other trees and it looked totally dead. The arborist said I didn't want to remove it so I had him properly prune the dead branches out.

When it bloomed I couldn't believe it. Very fragment small white flowers. Unfortunately they are short lived (prior to leafing out) & blow all over the neighborhood.

But with it so stately reaching for the sky, it will no doubt outlive me (72).

Don Sausser

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Pinehurst in my Dreams said...

Awesome story. Beautiful tree. Plus you get shade as a bonus!