Five Fold Blessing

Today, my three daughters and my two neices returned from a week at church camp down on the Cascade Reservoir by Donnelly, Idaho.
What a joy is was to sit and listen to them tell stories about their week at camp, and the fun things they did. But it was also lovely to hear them share about how they were all Princesses in God's eyes, and that they were special.
We also had an early family celebration for The Princesses 17th birthday, since Aunt Inland Empire Girl was in town. The Princess kept us in stitches with her stories from camp at the dinner table. Especially funny were the ways she tried to lighten the awkward moments during a rather intense sexual purity talk for the teen girls at camp.
So these five beautful girls will be around this week until we take two of them back to their home in Nampa on Thursday. We always try and have them come for a week in the summer, and it is always a special time. Kiki Aru is the youngest of the bunch, at 11, Little Kev is 12, Z2 is 13, TayTay is 14, and The Princess will be 17 on Wednesday. As I type this, I hear them gathered in the dining room giggling about something funny.
These are special times when all five of these girls get to come together and just relax and hang out for a week, with no pressures and just a time of hanging out together.
We are so blessed!!!


raymond pert said...

You sure are blessed. I can't believe how good all these girls are and how respectful they are of the adults in their lives. The excitement and laughter is joyous and good, not crazy and "we're getting away with something". It's a lot of fun being around this happy gathering!

Inland Empire Girl said...

I agree with Raymond Pert. What a joy the birthday celebration was. I loved the whole evening.

Pinehurst in my Dreams said...

It's a pleasure to hear the laughter of teen girls. They can be so much fun! Glad you all got to enjoy them.

(I am missing having a household full of girls and their friends, but I get to enjoy each of them more one-on-one these days.)

Aunt Laurie said...

They are such awesome girls. I so enjoyed being around all five of them at camp all week. They never seem to mind giving Aunt Laurie yet another hug. Birthday greetings to Princess MJ!

Silver Valley Girl said...

I wish people who stereotype teenagers as all creepy aliens from another planet could come sit at my house for awhile, and these girls would prove them wrong!!

Pinehurst in my Dreams said...

I am sure you are right!