Space....the final frontier--Day One

On Monday, August 13 we took Coco to the Discovery Center of Idaho to get her ready for her big chance to talk to the astronauts in space. She got to explore the DCI for a while, and become an astronaut herself for a little while.
The head of NASA education greeted all 18 students.
A NASA public information specialist prepped the students on how they should handle the media interviews.
Coco got her question, and the kids started practicing how they would ask their questions. Coco's question was, "When you were a kid, did you think about becoming an astronaut?" Unfortunately she didn't get to ask the questions her dad and I thought up, which was, "Did watching Star Trek as a kid inspire you to be an astronaut?" or"Can you see the Starship Enterprise from outer space?"

Somehow these questions didn't make the cut!

Here is Coco practicing into the microphone with Idaho Science Teacher Kevin Collins who was a big part of why the everything went to smoothly.

Next up.....day two....talking to astronauts in space.


nonizamboni said...

You must be so proud of Coco! I read about you all from your sis at Gathering Around the Table.
Looking forward to the next installment.

Yolanda said...

I too am a tree lover. I am glad to have found your blog and will return again.

seenthatbefore said...

Totally awesome.

Silver Valley Girl said...

Nonizamboni--I am very proud of Coco. It was amazing.

Yolanda--Thanks for stopping by, and I'm glad you liked the trees. I should have a new pic of my beech up today.

STB--Yes, it was totally awesome! Too bad she couldn't ask the astronauts if they could see the Centre of the Universe from space!!