Shuttle Endeavor Has Special Meaning for Kiki Aru

In about an hour and a half we will be watching the take off of the space shuttle Endeavour. This shuttle has special meaning for my youngest daughter Cosette.

She is one of only 18 students in the state of Idaho chosen to be a part of a student panel that gets to asks the astronauts questions on Tuesday via a NASA downlink.

There is a story about it in the Spokesman-Review today that can be found here.

We head off to Boise tomorrow, and go to the Discovery Center on Monday for preparation and a trial run, then the downlink should be around 1:30 pm on Tuesday. I think there will be a live feed on NASA TV that can be accessed from the Internet.

Coco is very excited and so are we. What an incredible opportunity for her, and something she will never forget.

We'll blog again about this on Tuesday after the downlink, and get some reactions from Coco.


Pinehurst in my Dreams said...

Wow! What an amazing experience! You Go Girl!

Princess said...

Nice picture kiki


Stdash said...

I know Coco will make us proud. Mrs. Kilbourne was "spot on" in selecting her to nominate to be part of the panel...she is a dynamic young lady and will find a way to ask the right question. All of us at Sunnyside School will be cheering her on as she steps forward on Tuesday.

Anonymous said...