Simple Gestures

Driving my mom and brother to the cemetery to honor my father

Putting flowers beside the graves of my father, and my husband’s grandparents, Paul and Naydeen

Using a columbine flower from a plant that was in Naydeen’s garden, then her daughter Susie’s yard, and now in my flower bed, to put beside their gravemarker.

Planting hostas and other flowers in front of the house to make it look green and alive.

Arranging potted flowers in the front to give a splash of color.

Traveling to Martin Creek to spend a weekend with my mom, brother, sister, brother-in-law and two daughters.

Letting my oldest daughter stay home with her dad so she can get caught up on school projects.

Promising your youngest daughter you will play the card game of “Spoons” with her today.

Listening to your middle daughter memorize her lines for her upcoming performance.

Cooking breakfast for your family, and making that special potato dish you created.

Buying cough and cold medicine for your sister before you leave so she doesn’t have to drive back into town.

These are just a few small gestures that hopefully told some people

You are important.

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Laurie R. said...

Thanks for the pics of grandma and grandpa's grave. It's been too long since was there. Thanks for visiting them on behalf of the rest of us.

sognatrice said...

This was truly beautiful and a perfect take on the prompt. Love it.

Crafty Green Poet said...

This is lovely, those simple touches sometimes say it all.

Matthew said...


Amazing how many moments affect the lives of those around us. Thank you for putting into perspective how important those small acts really are.

gautami tripathy said...

Beautifully put. It does make a difference but we seldom take time to think about those gestures.

Silver Valley Girl said...

Laurie--I'm so glad we were able to put some flowers there, too. It is always comforting to have them right next to Dad.

Sognatrice--Thank you for your kind words.

Craft Green Poet--Yes, those simple touches do say it all sometimes.

Matthew--Thanks for the comment. I'm glad it gave you a good perspective on the simple gestures we can do in life.

guatami tripathy--Thank you. Yes, the gestures do make a difference.

Frances said...

You've just brought back memories of my Uncle Tony - he was very much the gardener and you could always count on him to plant something lovely near all the family graves.
Such a simple gesture - that means so much.
Thanks for sharing,

Silver Valley Girl said...

Thanks for the comment, Frances. I'm glad it helped you remember someone that brought back fond memories. My brother, sister and I just wrote about one of our grandmas, and it was wonderful to sit and remember the wonderful summers with her, and what a wonderful person she was.

Patois said...

It sounds as if you've told everyone quite recently that they are important. A wonderful pictorial essay.

Silver Valley Girl said...

Patois--Thank you. Yes, it is important to let people know they are important, and I'm glad I could share it with others.

Ordinary Janet said...

I love this post!

Silver Valley Girl said...

Thanks, Janet.