"I" Tower, Sandwich Game and Tonsilectomy...Some of my Earliest Memories

It is interesting to think back to some of my earliest memories. Some I’m not sure how old I was at the time. Other memories, because of what was going on, I know my age. I think when something was really different in my life is when I have a very vivid memory of that occasion.

*One summer my mom attended summer school in Moscow at the University of Idaho. I have a memory of running up to the “I” tower with my brother and sister. I was maybe three.

*I have a very vivid memory of having the mask come over my face, and being asked to count backwards from 10 when I was in the Paulsen Building in Spokane to have my tonsils removed. I was four.

*I remember having a toy iron and a toy toaster, and trying to iron or insert our cat Peter Twinkle Toes in the play toaster. I was three or four.

*I remember my brother and sister used to play “sandwich” where they would put me in between the mattress and box spring on the bed and then lay on the top mattress.

*Another “fun” thing my brother used to do was try and wake me up by blowing his baritone in my ear.

(Yeah, Raymond Pert and Inland Empire Girl SEEM like really wonderful people…can you believe the things they put me through!!!) LOL

*I remember attending a Tupperware Party and meeting a little girl named Tina. I was four. We are still friends today.

*I remember Mary McKenzie’s daughter babysitting me one time. I must have got in trouble, and she put me in my crib, because it was in the room downstairs that later became my brother’s room. If I was still in a crib, I must have been two or three.

*I remember being at Cummings’ house two doors down, because Lynne babysat me. I remember waking up from a nap one time on one of their beds. I was four.

*My dad was a bartender at the Sunshine Inn when I was pretty young, and occasionally we would go to dinner there and sit in the “Noah Kellogg” room. (It was the Noah Kellogg room because there was a large colored picture of Noah and his Jackass on the wall). The highlight of going to dinner at the Sunshine Inn was getting to drink a Shirley Temple.

The memories really began to become vivid when I turned five and started kindergarten.

But those remembrances are for another day.


Pinehurst in my Dreams said...

Cute memories! Too bad you had to be the meat in the sandwich! (And a squished one at that!)

E. H. said...

Yer dern right those rememberances are for another day! I want to hear about the track meet. Stick to important things. Please.

Silver Valley Girl said...

e.h.-- Those wimpy Wallace Miners canceled the track meet on Wednesday just because there was a little rain coming down. Can't a Wallace High Hall Of Famer do something about this!!!!!!!

E. H. said...

despite all my desires and efforts I have not yet been able to stop the rain. Indeed, I often ask myself "Who Will Stop The Rain". CCR somehow appropriated that phrase and, well of course the fact that they could sing helped...a bit, they went on to make kazillions. Oh, and I don't think one should refer to them as "wimpy Miners". Benevolent would be the best word. I made a few calls and confirmed that they were just looking out for the health of the "downstreamers." Had it been just about the benevolent ones...well lets say people would have been runnin', jumpin', and a a throwin'. I am pretty sure that they had a full practice, anyway.

raymond pert said...

You also ironed poor Peter Twinkle Toes with your toy ironing board and iron. Maybe playing sandwich so enraged you and made you seethe so deeply that you kept the cycle of cruelty alive by angrily taking it out on Peter Twinkle Toes and Peter Twinkle Toes took it out on the family by spraying....where does it all end!!!!!!!!

I'm glad you aren't as blisteringly angry these days and only take out your rage on me once in a while when I'm in Kellogg..LOL


Silver Valley Girl said...

Ok, ok. I'll agree they were looking out for us downstreamers. Ok. ok. They were being benevolent. Ok, ok. They weren't being wimps. But keep working on those "stop the rain" powers okay. They could come in handy.
"And I wonder, still I wonder, who'll stop the rain?"

InlandEmpireGirl said...

i think we evened the playing field after the sandwich game when you got patches the rat and he crawled over my face with that spiny tail in the middle of the night.