A Little Bit of This...A Little Bit of That

Here is my dog Peaches. She is a Keeshond. She is very good natured and seems to always have a smile. (Especially when there is cheese around...then she gets crazy cheese eyes.)

Why can't people at work be more like Peaches...it would sure make life less complicated.

Human resource management can suck the life right out of you.

This is the part of my job that isn't that fun. Dealing with employee issues can be a bit draining.

Hearing the complaints and concerns. Talking to all sides. Praying to God for wisdom to handle the situation. Having the meeting.

It just takes time, and energy, and it often can be a productive time, but working up to the meeting can be exhausting.

I hope after our talk she becomes a better employee.

Because that is part of my job. To help our employees work as a team, and for each of them to be successful, productive employees.

And most of the time it works great...but every so often there is a hitch. Today I dealt with one of the hitches. Let's hope progress was made today.


I also went to the dentist for a check up. He told me my back top tooth on the right hand side was missing part of the tooth. It had chipped off. I'm going in next week to get it fixed. Dentists don't really bother me. I practically fell asleep during my cleaning. I've never needed laughing gas. Just extra novacaine as I grow older, to get my teeth area good and numb.

I got a call from the editor of the local newspaper today. She is getting married on Saturday, and leaving for her honeymoon, and will be gone for about two weeks. She is a little concerned because she is understaffed. She wondered if I could make some contributions to the paper over the next few weeks. Poor thing. She doesn't need to be worrying about all of this the week of her wedding. I wish Icould help her more, but the last few weeks of school are crammed full of school activities. I will probably try and take pics at the school events, and send her what I can. I wish I could help more.

I wrote a melodrama at the beginning of the year, and it is being produced by the local theater here in the Silver Valley. PKR is directing it, and he, myself, The Princess and three others will be performing it at the Sixth Street Melodrama this July in Wallace. PKR made the final cast selections today, and we start rehearsals on Monday. The name of the play is "Nightmare at Dream Gulch...or Wake Me When It's Over." It is based on a true story from the Murray Gold Rush I read in the book "Beneath These Mountains." I'll be sharing more on this adventure as it unfolds in the following weeks.
Tomorrow Kiki Aru's 5th grade class is going to Silverwood Theme Park, and I am chaperoning. I went with the other two daughters, so now it is time to go with my baby girl. Kiki Aru is taking me through lots of endings...the end of Sunnyside Elementary, the last spring music show, and my last Silverwood Field Trip. And I'm sure there will be others.

Well, I'm nodding off as I write this, so maybe I should go to bed.



Ordinary Janet said...

wow! Lots going on, it makes me tired reading about it! I'm looking forward hearing about the theme park trip. Hope there are photos!

InlandEmpireGirl said...

We loved the picture of Peaches! It made Mom's day.

raymond pert said...

If I were chaperoning that trip to Silverwood, I'd spend so much time on the Grizzly that the kids would just run wild and we'd lose 'em all! I gotta get up there this summer for some loopy adventure!

Pinehurst in my Dreams said...

I hope to get up to the Sixth Street Melodrama and see your production. I have only seen one play there, and it was over 25 yrs ago. About time I came again, huh?

Your dog, Peaches, looked a bit scary to me. . .but then I have been biten by a few dogs through the years. (Sometimes I can't tell a smile from a growl.) I should remember that when people are scared of our Mz Oz.

Even the neighbor's Chihuahua, Cosmo, used to try to bite me when I walked to and from work a few years ago. The neighbor said, "He thinks he's a big dog, but he won't bite." That is until one day when he saw him nip at my ankle, and finally decided to do something about the dog's behavior toward me. Now I can walk past, and Cosmo, doesn't even know I exist.s

Ordinary Janet said...

I forgot to comment about Peaches. At first glance I thought she was a wolf, but the more I look at the picture the more I see beauty. Lots of combing of that hair is required, I bet-Spot hates for me to brush him, he looks terrible most of the time until he goes to the groomer's.

Silver Valley Girl said...

Peaches may look a little scary at first, but once you are around her, she is a sweetheart. She is very good tempered, and she is a very beautiful dog. And, yes, brushing is required.