Kent's Kent, Oregon Tree

My brother-in-law Kent sent me another picture of a tree. Here is what he says about this particular tree:

Here's my latest Tree picture. Believe it or not this was taken from the outskirts of a little town called Kent, Oregon; population somewhere in the 30s. OK I admit it, It's actually a cross between a Tree picture and a Snow Capped Peak picture!

Thanks, Kent, for sending me another picture of a tree. Remember, you, too, can send me a picture of a tree...as you can see from my blog, it doesn't even have to be a tree that grows in the ground. Now that spring is upon us, I'm sure there are many lovely trees that could be photographed and could be sent to me so I could share them. Just look over in the left hand column and it will tell you where to email your picture.


Pinehurst in my Dreams said...

Beautiful picture. Is that Mt. Hood in the background?

Silver Valley Girl said...

I'm not sure. Kent, if you read this, what snowy capped peak is that in the background?