Top Ten Things To Accomplish While My Family Is Gone For Spring Break

10. Work on writing at least three more chapters on the book I am writing about the Silver Valley.

9. Type up a months worth of dinner menus so we can maybe have a few more home cooked meals around here.

8. Type up a Master Grocery List.

7. Pray and seek God’s Wisdom on a variety of issues in my life.

6. Weed the flower beds outside (weather permitting…this is the Silver Valley).

5. Make chore lists for the family so I can see if someone other than me will tackle scooping the cat litter boxes.

4. Make use of the new exercise equipment in the basement every day. My new rule…I can’t blog until I exercise.

3. Do my taxes. Ugh!

2. Tackle some spring cleaning projects inside the house.

1. Take the plastic off the fifth season of Gilmore Girls on DVD that I have been hiding from my daughters in my lingerie drawer and watch it uninterrupted.

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Christy Woolum said...

I loved the pictures you chose for this post, especially the woman ready to clean with the broom. Would you call that a smile? I hope you are moving through your list. I am gone so I am sure there have been no more disasters.