I Figured Out a New Trick on Windows Movie Maker

PKR and I are participating in the Kellogg High School 50th Anniversary Concert tommorow night in Andrew's Gymnasium. We are doing a small tribute to the 80's while dressed up as Cyndi Lauper and George Michael.

We have a pretty good selection of Karaoke CD's and found some songs to sing, but only wanted to have small parts of the songs.

Here is what I figured out how to do. I can rip the song off my karaoke CD onto my computer. Then I opened Window's Movie Maker and put the songs on it, cutting down the song to the part I wanted. Then I made a separate "movie" for the part of each song I wanted, then I saved them as high quality audio files onto my computer.

Then I inserted a blank CD and burned them. Now they will be on a nice CD for the concert tommorow, and it won't be the entire song on the karaoke CD, just the part I want.

It was so exciting to find out I could do this. Now anytime I just want to perform part of a song, or sing a medley of karaoke songs, this is what I can do to make it easier in the future.


E. H. said...

I can not tell you the joy I experienced reading this information. Now when I too just want to perform part of a song, or especially sing a melody...what exactly are "karaoke songs" (a group lost somewhere in the 80's?)... I will be able to do so also. Sorry, but just the thought of me singing, anywhere, threw me into convulsions of laughter. I do, however, sincerely hope that you and PKB "break a leg" tomorrow night!

raymond pert said...

I do think if you are going as Cyndi Lauper that PKB should appear a Cyndi's favorite athlete: Hulk Hogan.

(I gotta get back into Window Movie Maker and work with cutting down songs. I'm not sure I've figured that out yet. Of course, if a source of higher knowledge than myself were to send me her wisdom (hint hint) that would be cool.)

Have fun tonight.

I hope the evening will pay proper tribute to the 69-72 basketball Wildcats. Like wear black clothes of grief...