Kellogg Idaho Bunker Hill Sonic Metallurgy--A Rather Unique Find!

A newsclip image found on Jim's website.

While looking for an image to put on one of my blog posts recently, I stumbled upon this website called Kellogg Idaho Bunker Hill Sonic Metallurgy.

The website is created by Jim Larson, a former resident of Kellogg. He performs under the name Jimmy Crew.

Here is part of what he shared on his homepage:

I am influenced by all kinds of music throughout my life, from AC/DC to Frank Zappa.
This venture is influenced by my upbringing in the Silver Valley Mining District of Northern Idaho and Kellogg, Idaho former site of the Bunker Hill Mining Company where my father worked for over 20 years.

Sonic Metallurgy was originally called E=MC Groove which isn't a bad name either.

From his main page, you can click on links such as Mine Shaft, The Smelter and The Tailing Pond. These links include music he wrote inspired by his time in the Silver Valley, such as Lead Poisoning, Blast Furnace and Thursdays Hangover.

As I read more writings from people who grew up in the valley, I am fascinated by the things that had an effect on people's lives while living here, and what they focus on in their writings. For Jim, the pollution made a big impression. But his house was overshadowed by the Bunker Hill Smelter, so that makes a lot of sense.

I encourage you to check out Jim's website and see what he is creating. I emailed Jim and let him know how much I enjoyed his site. Drop in and see what you think. If you like it, let him know!

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