Depression: A Primer...By Ellen

When Katrina at "Notes on a Napkin" decided to slow down a bit on her blog posting, she left a list of blogs to check out. One of them on her list was "The Reign of Ellen". I spent some time today reading through some of Ellen's blog. I love it.
One of the things that was really interesting was clicking on her book Depression: A Primer. It takes you to this website, and you can look at her book online. It is a very well written book about depression and gives a lot of good information. Depression has been a big part of the dynamics in my family, so this was a very good book to look at and the information was great.
I encourage you to check out Ellen's site. Reading her blog may teach you a thing or two.


Pinehurst in my Dreams said...

Oh, my goodness, her book was amazing! Simple, practical and informative. I, too, have suffered with depression - haven't reached that point in my "life story" - but started with Panic Attacks at age 10.

The difficult part for me, was being a Christian, and not being "positive" all the time. Some people believe you can overcome all depression by the Word and Prayer. . . and you can if it is temporary or mild. I finally acquiesced to medication when the depression began to rob me of my health and life.

But enough about me. Can I add your link to my webpage?

Silver Valley Girl said...

Yes, by all means use the link on your web page. I also thought the book was great.

InlandEmpireGirl said...

Thanks for the reference to this blog. I look forward to reading it more. I loved the way she did the Court of Ellen! How fun.

InlandEmpireGirl said...

Oh... I forgot. I love the music addtion to your blog. Still outdoing gadget man. Last night you had a louder song and it woke up my roommate at the conference twice. OOps.

Silver Valley Girl said...

Yeah, I thought it was a little too loud, so I decided to go with something a little mellower. Glad you like it. I'll probably change it every now and then. I stumbled upon another blog that had music, and saw what she did and decided to try it.