Barefoot Tour of My Backyard

I toured my backyard today in my bare feet. Oh, the grass feels good!! So soft and warm. What a beautiful day today.

I wanted to see what progress was happening around the yard. And I wasn't disappointed.

I saw some daffodils about ready to bloom. They have come up among the Bishop's Weed, which will soon take over the flower bed with their green and yellow variegated leaves. Maybe the daffodils will open in time for Easter on Sunday. That would be very appropriate. I love yellow flowers. They are so happy and sunny and give you such a boost. Thank you, Lord, for these beautful flower in my backyard.

There are also some irises coming up among the Bishop's Weed and the holly. I think I may have to dig up my iris bulbs this year and transplant them to a sunnier place. It seems like last summer they didn't bloom very well because they are under the shade of some trees and bushes and didn't get much sun. I'll keep an eye on them this summer and see how they do, and maybe get them in some more sun this fall.

H-m-m. What is this? Some kind of rare white spring bloom? Ah, just a dirty sock found out in the flower bed. My two younger daughters like to jump on the trampoline barefoot, so this is a common occurance once trampoline season comes, finding discarded socks close by that have been forgotten by the jumpers. They have been gone this week for spring break, and just finding that small sock made we wish they were home. I can't wait to see them all tomorrow. I'm getting very lonely.

Here is one of my lavender bushes that is growing in the flower bed next to the house. Lavender is my favorite flower. I can't wait until they bloom. Lavendar does okay here in Kellogg, but when I lived in Meridian, I had so much lavender, because that arid desert is just right for lavender. Oh, I can't wait to see those beautiful purple blooms.

My sister, Inland Empire Girl, planted a flower garden beneath my clematis last spring as a housewarming gift. I see some new growth on some of the perrenials she planted. This garden is full of beautiful blue and purple flowers to match the clematis that watches over it all summer. I can't wait until they all bloom again.

Even my rose bushes are starting to see some growth. This is my "Jessie Rose", because our cat Jessie is buried underneath it. We have three different rose bushes for three cats that we have lost over the years. There is a Lynx rose, and a Mikey rose. This rose garden is a very special place to honor the pets we have loved and lost, and as they bring us beauty each summer, it reminds us of the beauty these friends brought to our lives when they were here.

Ah, the raspberry canes are also beginning to bud. I love to pick raspberries when the berries are warm and juicy and sit and eat them one after another. Picking raspberries and eating them tastes like summer to me. Yum! Yum!

Thanks for joining me on this barefoot tour through my backyard to check out the progress. I'll give you updates from time to time as the garden comes to life so you can check enjoy the beautiful flowers as much as I do. We moved in this house a little over a year ago, and were blessed with a lovely, established yard with beautiful plants, trees, bushes and flowers, as well as bringing some of our own.

My backyard is a very special place, and I look forward to enjoying it and sharing it with you.


Starr Kelso said...

Your "rare white spring bloom" commment was hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Haven't you ever heard of people with foot fetishes.
Some wierd old guy is gonna come in here and start talking about your feet.