Simple Delights

Sometimes I catch myself enjoying little things in life, and today I want to write some of those down.  I refer to them as "Simple Delights".  I hope to make a list occasionally to remember the little things that bring me joy. Because today is January 12th, I am going to share 12 Simple Delights.

A warm, soft bed to lie on
Soft sheets on my bare feet
A cat cuddled on my head
Our dog Peaches laying down beside my bed
A purring cat on my lap
Our dog Sadie snuggled at my feet
Thick socks to keep my feet warm
Flannel pajamas
A warm cup of coffee
My daughter's enthusiasm
Talking with my husband
Praying with my husband

What are your Simple Delights?


Nita Jo said...

Just reading your list makes me feel warm and fuzzy! I need to do a list like that every now and then. May have to hijack your idea!

Stephanie said...

I can't tell you how much I missed sleeping without a cat on my head. Totally agree. Add a chihuahua by my side and I am in heaven.

Cedar Street Kid said...

I am a huge fan of simplicity. There is noting more stirring than a simple melody, more elegant than a simple diamond, and more relaxing than a simple cup of hot chocolate at night, or a simple bowel of vanilla ice cream

nice post, SVG.