Caleb's Crossing: A Book Review

Yesterday I finished the book "Caleb's Crossing" by Geraldine Brooks.  It was the book I chose this month for my Book Group to read.  It is an historical fiction story about the first Native American to graduate from Harvard College.

The book is very interesting, and gives you a glimpse into life in the latter part of the 1600's.  It is always fascinating to me to be swept up into another time and another place as I read books.  This book first takes you to Martha's Vineyard, an island off the coast of Massachusets.  You learn about the Native people who first inhabited the island, and how and why the English made their way to the island.

Then you meet the narrator Bethia and how she met Caleb, and their relationship throughout the book, and she is the one who tells Caleb's story.

This will be a fun book to discuss, because there are some various themes running through the book, such as light and darkness.

I would recommend this book because of what you learn about the culture of that time, and because it is a good story. 

It seems like I don't have a very good track record for the books I choose for our Book Group, so I'm glad I finally chose a good one!!


Go Figure said...

SVG: Sounds like a great book. Did you ever read Big Trouble by J. Anthony Lukas?

Carol Woolum Roberts said...

GF, I have never read the whole book. I own it, but need to read the whole thing. But one of my priorities for the year is to gather all my many books I own about the Silver Valley and put them all together and start doing some research and work on the book I'm writing. So maybe that will motivate me to read that book all the way to the end!!