Yes oui we we Can Can

Oh can you do the Can Can?
If you can then I can
I can Can Can if you Can Can
Can you Can Can

Oh we can do the Can Can
Yes oui we we Can Can
We can Can Can
Yes oui we can Can

IEG and I are not kicking our legs up in the air this weekend at the Moulin Rouge....no, we are having a nice retreat here at her house, with me doing the "Can Can" with jars, lids and rings and lots of apples I purchased down the road from IEG's house at the Sherman Creek Orchard.

The apple fest began last night with cutting up apples and placing them in the food dehydrator, so I could have some nice dried apples.

This morning, I woke up and prepared 13 quarts of "Little Old Morman Lady Apple Pie Filling". (That is the actual name of the recipe...it is SO DELICIOUS!!)

Then I started chopping apples for the Spicy Apple Chutney. I canned 18 pints of the chutney.

And I'm not done yet....tomorrow morning, I take some grape juice JEJ made from the grapes in the garden, and make grape jelly.

Some of these things will be used at home, some will be sold next week at the Harvest Bazaar at our church to help with Mission's Projects, and some will be given as Christmas gifts.

There is something about canning that just makes me feel so domestic. I absolutely love it, and love the fact that I have taken good, wholesome ingredients and combined them for others to enjoy.

I'm feeling a bit like Martha Stewart today......Canning is a GOOD THING!!!

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inlandempiregirl said...

Thanks again for the fun-filled week-end.