My First Trip to the State Capital

I gave this week's sibling assignment:

"Write about one of your earliest trips to somewhere special, besides Spokane and Orofino, and why it was special, and what you remember about it."

IEG's post about "God's Country" is here, and RP's will be here.

This assignment was somewhat inspired by being reconnected to my cousins from Boise, who I keep in contact with through Facebook.

During spring break when I was in fifth grade, Mom had a meeting in Boise, and I got to travel with her and BG down to Boise, and spent part of that trip with my cousins.

My first cousin, JC, is the mother of the three girls, CC, AC and MC, who are my second cousins, but actually closer to my age.

JC is the oldest sibling of my Aunt Lila, who is mom's sister. She lives in Orofino. I always heard about this family on our yearly trips to Orofino in the summer, but we never seemed to be there at the same time.

So it was exciting when I finally got to go spend a few days at their house in Boise.

AC is my age, CC is a year older, and MC is two years younger than me. I think I only spent two or three days with them during that week.

I got to attend school with AC one day. This was the early 70's and the Boise School District was trying out the "open classroom" concept at AC's school. That was so new to me. Also, "Where the Red Fern Grows" had just been released in the movie theaters, and AC's class got to go see it in the theater, and I got to go, too.

I remember telling scary stories at night with my cousins. Once story in particular I always remember involved a man with no legs, very long fingernails, and the word "Shaboom".

I remember their mom, JC driving us through Garden City.

It was fun finally spending time with the cousins that were closest to me in age, but that I never hardly got to see or send time with.

Other highlights from that trip included going to the State Capital building for the first time, and the Boise Zoo. Somewhere I have some pictures from this trip. I'll have to find them, scan them, and add them to this post at a later date.

I still remember driving home through Oregon, and driving through Pendleton, and I remember how beautiful the town looked, because it was spring and the hillside were all green and lush.

From that moment on, I loved traveling and going to different places.

My next adventure will be a trip to Houston, Texas in February for a conference, and I can't wait to see what Texas is like.


inlandempiregirl said...

I remember seeing that area around Pentleton in the springtime also. It is a beautiful site.

Go Figure said...

Hmm. Had to think for a minute. I guess you were at a young age and didn't know better than to go to Boys Town. HA.