My Own ABC's

IEG gave the sibling assignment this week.

"Pick a favorite photo you have taken yourself. Post the photo and write an Abecedarian poem about the photo. You can also use a series of photos."

Inland Empire Girl's is here and Raymond Pert's will be here soon.


My Own ABC's

Autumn is a time of harvest

Bountiful blessings both physical and spiritual abound.

Christmas is a time of reflection on God’s gift

Demonstrating His love for the people in this world.

Education expands thoughts and broadens our minds

Focusing us beyond ourselves.

Get- aways to places near and far

Help teach us about the world.

Idaho is who I am, geographically and my state of mind

Joining others in the sunlight blaze, with romance in her name.

Kittens and puppies, now all grown, are always a part of my world

Loving without condition, lending love to the world.

Mary, mother of Jesus, declares the impossible in Luke 1:37,

Never doubting the love of her Heavenly Father.

Outdoors declares the glory of the Lord

Pause and reflect on this.

Queens and kings will all pass away

Revealing the fragility of all our lives.

Seashores call us back to their sandy and rocky shores

Teaching us lessons of life and love.

Until you listen to the world around you,

Very few revelations will come.

Winter is still, winter is cold

X-ed out life as it sleeps below.

Yearning for life, for spring, for summer

Zenning my thoughts towards God above.


inlandempiregirl said...

Third time is a charm and once again you have proved yourself as a poet. Zenning... what a great word for Z. I loved your line about Idaho and blending the line from the song. You should join me on read write poem.
Teacher talk... this is a great format for having students show learning. Maybe with GEAR UP students could compose these to show about something they have learned, or do it as a joint project with parents.

Go Figure said...

SVG: Winter is cold?

Silver Valley Girl said...

IEG--good idea. Thanks for the feedback.

GF--yes, winter is cold.

Anonymous said...

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